MANTIS © Compound Crossbow

The Mantis © crossbow in Compound bow format is for when you want arrow/bolt speed’s like no other crossbow out there. When combining the awesome Energywave Technology © with the brand new innovative Crossforce Compound Limb System © is quite simply one breathtaking combination of high speed, ultra high power and deadly pinpoint accuracy. The aero dynamic Compound limb system is highly capable of delivering blistering arrow/bolt speeds of up to 480+ fps, firing arrows/bolt’s from 300 grns to 1,000 grns. It has no great big ugly cams or complicated cable or yoke bowstring system and has two tiny lightweight pulleys running on tempered helical bearings and one simple bowstring. The bow-span at rest is a mere 17″ wide and an incredible 8 3/4″ wide when cocked, the narrowest crossbow by far. The Mantis Compound is one very dynamic hunting crossbow like no other with beautiful stunning good looks, impeccable balance and attention to the very finest detail. Quite simply the very finest hunting crossbow that is available.Lead the way with the new Mantis © Compound hunting crossbow like never before.Modern Design17″ Bow SpanLight Weight MagnesiumIntense, High PowerPrecise AccuracyErgonomically DesignedArrow/Bolt Rail is Sand-CastedSimple Bow Changing

MANTIS © Recurve Crossbow

The Mantis © hunting crossbow in its original recurve limb format fully equipped with Energy Wave Technology © and the Crossforce Limb System © of which has been specifically designed and engineered to be as aero dynamic and as strong as possible. Offering a a more traditional approach to modern high tech crossbow hunting. The bowspan at rest is only 26″ wide and an amazing 13″ when cocked. It is one extremely powerful and accurate hunting crossbow. This incredible no non-sense, high powered recurve hunting crossbow can effortlessly produce arrow/bolt speeds up to 400+ fps and you can shoot arrows/bolts from 300 grns to 1,000 grns offering the crossbow hunter so much more scope than any other very high powered crossbow. With the Mantis recurve you got that something extra when you need it most. Be the very best with the incredible Mantis recurve hunting crossbow.Traditional Design26″ Bow SpanMagnesium and WalnutHigh PowerPrecise AccuracyErgonomically DesignedArrow/Bolt Rail is Sand-CastedSimple Bow Changing

MANTIS © Compound Crossbow

Prices From: £4,799.99
Velocity: 300-480 fps
Weight: 9.86 pounds (4.47KG)
Bow-Span: 16.85 Inches (42.79CM)
MANTIS © Recurve Crossbow

Prices From: £4,799.99
Velocity: 295-450 fps
Weight: 9.86 pounds (4.47KG)
Bow-Span: 25.85 Inches (66.42CM)