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Coupled with the ultra high power of the design right ENERGY WAVE TECHNOLOGY and the CROSSFORCE LIMB TECHNOLOGY¬©. Combined it really is quite simply a breath taking combination. This state of the art crossbow technology is exclusive only to Talisman Crossbows. Meticulously designed and precision engineered, every last tiny detail has been pain stakingly taken care of. So all you need to do is go out hunting with the confidence that only a Talisman Mantis can give the serious crossbow hunter. If you want power and accuracy at the next level then you need to go mechanical. Are you ready to take crossbow hunting to the next level? With the powerhouse of the crossbow archery world.This state of the art crossbow technology allow’s you to set the speed and power exactly how you want it,you can crank the power up or down for precise speed and kinetic energy,it’s all the crossbow that you’ll ever need.Changing a bowstring while you are out hunting is so simple ,easy as 123. Available in recurve and compound format it’s the hardest shooting crossbow, period.